Welcome to 1to100 Virtual Playing System... (Demo)
  1. All Game must play within the time peroid given on Business Rate Page.
  2. Earning Points / Payout is also declared on Business Rate Page.
  3. You have minimum 500 Points in your web account to play any game.
  4. You can play any game with Minimum 10 Points.
  5. You can withdraw all points form your Web accounts in any time.
  6. All payouts pay through Airtel Money or Bank Transfer.
  7. You have Redeem your accounts / Points through Airtel Money only.
  8. You must be 18 years or older to play any game on this website..
  9. This Website is not Responsible for any Matter in any CASE.
  10. Purchasing points and playing any games on this website is strictly prohibited in the states where online games / bating are banned.
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